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Old Street is the bustling hub of Islington and a great place to grow a business in London.

That’s why we at EC-MSP are happy to be growing ours nearby. We pride ourselves on being close at hand, ready to respond at a moment’s notice to issues that may arise and have technicians on the scene in minutes to handle emergencies for our clients.

In the modern business world, the environment is fast paced.

We all rely on technology to make sales, confer with clients, and accomplish our daily tasks. With today’s host of productivity tools, we can get these things done faster than ever- but if something is not working properly, it makes a major impact as productivity slows to a crawl. Network downtime or device failure can be the difference between a financial gain and a big loss, especially for a small business. To avoid these office “traffic jams”, you need your IT solutions to just work. EC-MSP specializes in IT support that caters to the needs of small businesses- and not just any small business, but your small business. Our engineers sit down with each client to talk about current needs and goals for the future in order to design the perfect IT system for your situation.

The fact is that we are a small business too, so we know what small businesses need. This is one of the major ways we stand out from all the other IT services along Old Street. Here are a few of the other reasons:

We’re Accessible – Our engineers are trained professionals, but that doesn’t mean they need to seem aloof. We forgo industry jargon and speak in plain English so you don’t need a Computer Science Degree to follow the conversation.

We’re Affordable – We know you’d much rather be investing in the future of your business than paying a premium for IT support. We offer service packages at a variety of price points so that your coverage can grow with your business, not hold it back.

We Do It All – When you contract with us, EC-MSP takes over responsibility for all your IT needs- from setting up networks and phone systems to working with third party service providers. We’ll handle your IT systems as if they were our own.

EC-MSP offers a variety of IT support services to cover your business’s comprehensive IT needs. Our most in-demand services include IT Relocation, Cloud Computing, Data backup and recovery, Network services, IT Training for employees, Software and Hardware setup services, and general monthly IT support packages. Come in for a consultation and we’ll decide together the best fit for your company.

If you have a small to medium sized business in need of IT solutions in the Old Street area, get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation, and see how EC-MSP’s team of trained professionals can help your business become more efficient, effective, and ultimately more successful.

The Challenge

Hudson Walker International Ltd is a recruitment company specialising in fashion, sports and lifestyle appointments at all levels and across all sectors from premium and luxury brands to high street names, both in the UK and internationally. The company was set up in 1993 by Dee Walker and Pauline Hudson-Evans. EC-MSP was called in to provide IT support for their ever growing company.

The Solution

EC-MSP suggested that Hudson Walker International go onto our remote support agreement at £25 per user. They also get 20GB backup allowance included in the package, along with network monitoring as standard.

The Outcome

EC-MSP look after all of Hudson Walker Internationals’ computing, leaving them to do what they do best. Our response time is 15 minutes, which means they get quick results from the time they log the issue. Our engineers are also constantly looking at their network ensuring potential issues don’t become business disrupting problems.

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Here's What Our Clients Say

“EC-MSP has provided outstanding managed IT services to us and other London businesses we'vee recommended them to over the years. Their account management and account managers, approach to IT support and willingness to get to know our business was a huge plus. From business continuity planning to installing Microsoft 365, they've helped us with a lot. It helps that they're based in London!”

Paul Breach

Nanobite Consulting

“Our telephone system, recommended and installed by EC-MSP, has had a very positive impact on our business. It is a pleasure to deal with EC-MSP. Their IT support London engineers are professional, efficient and our systems always work better as a result of their support team and security services. A great business partner.”

Brendan O'Connor

Shine Communications

“We have a long-standing and good relationship with EC-MSP and they respond very well to all of our business needs. EC-MSP offers a personal approach to outsourced IT support and on his initial visit Roy talked in a language which we could understand, which was very pleasing. As a charity, we need to be able to count on IT services from a business which provides good managed IT services at an affordable price. EC-MSP is one such company in London.”

Miriam Isherwood

Mary Feilding Guild

“EC-MSP's managed IT service is responsive and effective - they are there when you need them and they get the job done with appropriate technology. We would definitely recommend their managed IT support to others.”

Jane Kingdom

Nova Capital Group

“EC-MSP were recommended to us by our bank and have exceeded all expectations. Their IT support London engineers are knowledgeable, the customer service always responsive and we would certainly recommend them to other businesses. We're very happy with their remote IT support.”

Steve Vaudrey

Director The Clarion Agency

“We view EC-MSP as part of the team. They are technically competent, extremely thorough and their IT support London engineers are easy to work with – in fact, the users at Nutmeg don’t have a bad word to say about them. The value they bring was exemplified during our recent office move and network migration, which passed without a hitch due to their meticulous planning. For any company in London wishing to engage a reliable IT partner, we can't recommend EC-MSP enough”

Ewan Silver

CTO of Nutmeg

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